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We are a temporary staffing agency focused on pharmaceutical marketing

SUMS helps to takes the guess work out of matching compatible employees to employers

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Let's Connect You to the Best of the Best

Get Hired

Looking for a career you'll love or maybe for a more temporary arrangement? Let's connect so we can put your resume in front of some of the pharmaceutical industry's top companies.

Hire Talent

Everyday we are connecting with New York's top marketing candidates with experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Tell us about the role you're looking to fill and we'll do all the digging through resumes for you. SUMS Consulting will only send you the most qualified candidates.

Success doesn’t just find you.
You have to go out and get it.

Knows Pharmaceutical Marketing

SUMS plays the role of bridging the gap between valuable candidates and hiring managers, making it easy to find a great match. Both sides of the street benefit through our service by reducing the number of hours searching allowing both parties to use their time better.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Linda Schlachter

founder / president

Our founder, Linda Schlachter, has and continues to work with well known brands such as Pfizer for over 20 years and knows what type of skills and background it takes to fill certain positions within the industry. This firsthand knowledge puts SUMS Consulting, Inc. above other staffing agencies when it comes to the Pharmaceutical Industry, specifically matching marketing candidates with marketing departments for both long and short term roles.

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